Contemporary Canadian Literature with a Distinctly Urban Twist

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All the Broken Things

By Geoff Inverarity

In this debut collection Inverarity writes of broken things, things that have come apart at the seams, things that ought not to but sometimes do dissolve with time: friendships, relationships, promises, aging parents, hearts, bodies, love, and even time itself.

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Asking for Directions

By Matthew Firth

Asking for Directions is a happy hour of poetry, blurring the lines between straight-up realism, goofy weirdness, linear narrative, dreamscape, lovestruck awe, wonder, and joy.

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Assdeep in Wonder

By Christopher Gudgeon

ASSDEEP IN WONDER is a collection of heartbreaking and hilarious poems by “Canada’s answer to Billy Collins.” Raw and immediate, Gudgeon explores themes of addiction, sexuality, loss, love, and wonder in equal measures. In simple love poems like “Let’s start small, my darling,” everyday anthems like “Future Tops of America, and visionary dreams like “The Revelations of Donald Trump,” Gudgeon tackles the tyranny of identity, the mystery of desire, the strictures of gender and the absurdity of homophobia in a style that’s hypnotic and highly accessible.

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Bad Engine

By Michael Dennis

Michael Dennis has been hammering his love, his anger, his grief, and his awe into poems for over forty years. With seven books and nearly twenty chapbooks to his credit, Dennis isn’t exactly a household name in Canadian poetry, but he is a natural heir to poets like Canadian icon Al Purdy and American legends Eileen Myles and Charles Bukowski. His poems are his life made into poems: direct, emphatic, honest.

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Bizarre Winery Tragedy

By Lyle Neff

Lyle Neff’s Bizarre Winery Tragedy is a book of lyric poems about country folk, city folk, alcohol and urbanism.

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Bogman's Music

By Tammy Armstrong

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By Hilary Peach

Bolt, the debut collection from West Coast performance poet Hilary Peach, ranges over familiar and unknown landscapes. From a series of surreal vignettes derived from twenty years as a welder with the Boilermakers’ Union, to a suite of poems based on the truths and superstitions of snakelore, to alluring, imagistic, songs of loss and longing, Bolt investigates rough terrain and long horizons.

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Bounce House

By Jennica Harper

Bounce House is a collection of small containers for the uncontainable. Restrained in form but not feeling, Harper’s fourth book explores the cyclical nature of grief, imperfect parenting, and our willingness to jump without promise of a safe landing.

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A Bouquet Brought Back from Space

By Kevin Spenst

Playful in form and formed full of play, this fourth book of poetry by Kevin Spenst explores loss, love and faith through the palindrome, Madlib, Fibonacci, found poem, prose poem, sonnet and various strains of free verse.

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But the sun, and the ships, and the fish, and the waves

By Conyer Clayton

But the sun, and the ships, and the fish, and the waves, Conyer Clayton’s follow-up to her award-winning debut, We Shed Our Skin Like Dynamite, is a collection of prose poems that employs surrealism, humour, and body horror to cope with CPTSD, assault, loss, fear, and the memories of it all.

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