Contemporary Canadian Literature with a Distinctly Urban Twist

Anvil Press

Fragments from the Big Piece: A Play

By Brian Kaufman

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Mutant Sex Party & Other Plays

By Ed Macdonald

In Mutant Sex Party & Other Plays, Ed Macdonald eviscerates the high and the mighty, the hypocritical, and those who abuse power in late-Capitalism America.

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Red Mango: A Blues Monologue

By Charles Tidler

Red Mango is a one-man play about a “single celibate sensualist” who constantly thinks about women—though not for sex, but for sweaty joy and sensual contact on the booming dance floors of Victoria’s blues clubs.

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By Mark Leiren-Young

Shylock is an award-winning play about a Jewish actor who finds himself condemned by his own community for his portrayal of Shakespeare’s notorious Jew.

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Sound of Whales

By David MacLean

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The Stone Face

By Sherry MacDonald

The year is 1964 and first-time film director Alan Schneider is about to embark on a project combining the talents of Buster Keaton and Samuel Beckett.

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Tortoise Boy: A Chamber Play

By Charles Tidler

Four disparate people confront each other, their memory and their responsibility at the emergency room of a hospital when brought together by the crisis of a teenager suffering a psychiatric episode.

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True Mummy: A Play

By Tom Cone

True Mummy is a compelling drama, which presents provocative ideas and poses difficult questions connected to issues of life and death, morality and art, ritual versus utilitarianism, and the “opposing concepts of creation and desecration.”

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